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Let's put Vinings on the Map with Google
Let's put Vinings on the Map with Google

Southern Charm and Modern Day Sophistication: Google Help  me put Vinings, GA on the Map!


Vinings is booming! Not only does it offer family friendly events it also has natural attractions and a historic epicenter. Combine that with high fashion, superb dining locales, as well as phenomenal entertainment and visitors have a multitude of things to do to enjoy this unique town. Many people that go to Vinings go not only for the food, but for the shopping. How do they find these stores? What do the stores look like? Is it my kind of atmosphere? What do others think about the places there?


Almost 97% of everyday people are now looking for goods or services online. If you’re located in Vinings its essential for your business to be advertised in as many ways as possible and available to as many people as possible without putting too much of a dent in your bottom line. That requires that your Vinings business has all of its essential information online so that people can find you. Webstuffguy can help


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Webstuffguy.com is an official City Partner


You might ask: What is Webstuffguy.com? Well we play a small role in helping your community, in this case Vinings, get noticed! Remember all those people that use the Internet to find out information about places online? They might use Twitter, Facebook or some other sort of social media. We want to rally all of the local Vinings businesses to get online and manage their information so more customers can find you. When Webstuffguy.com helps put businesses on the map it makes it easier so others can find you, be connected and ultimately this helps unify and strengthen the community.


Quick Fact: Did You Know...


If your business is on Google Maps you are going to get MORE traffic. We know that the bottom line is important and we won’t put a dent in it. Google provides all the FREE tools to make it happen. That’s where we come in.


Tech Talk and You


Does anyone remember C++, FORTRAN, BASIC, or PASCAL? If you remember you can throw your worries aside. If you don’t know what they are you too can throw your worries aside. The best part is that you don’t need to know ANY of those to get recognized in Google Maps. We can help you though and the best part is that there is NO CHARGE! That’s right. It’s FREE! No gimmicks, no strings attached. You don’t even have to do business with us. We truly just want to build the Vinings community.


Now you have all the information, but no place to start. Maybe you don’t even know how to get listed on Google Maps. That’s ok though Webstuffguy.com can help you for no cost



Do I have an online presence?


Here are some quick statistics about what it means to have an online presence. As you read them below ask yourself "Does this apply to me?" or "How can I have a greater impact?"


  • 97% - the percentage of consumers that search online first
  • 4 out of 5 - how many consumers use search engines for info
  • 37% - the percent of businesses listed with Google



The Next Step...or Steps...


Up to this point we’ve covered some information and it all points to getting registered with Google Maps. This is the easy part. Now the steps must be done in this order and they have to be followed to the letter. Ready? Here we go.


  1. You have verify your Vinings, GA business with Google Maps. Don't worry. It doesn't cost a thing and Webstuffguy.com can do that for you. Verified? Ok...moving on...
  2. This step is a little more involved, but once you're verified it is CRITICAL that you fill out your profile with as much information as possible. Include things like hours, directions, description of your business, selfies...wait scratch that, no selfies. Information links to Facebook and Twitter do help though.
  3. And that's all!  Relax, sit back and in time your Google business profile will start appearing in searches and searchers can learn all about your company before they even arrive.


Bonus Points


Below are options for your to help increase your web presence even further, all approved and endorsed by Google themselves!



Let's put Vinings on the Map with Google

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Need help verifying your business on Google Maps?


We will help for free!  No strings attached. We took an oath that we would participate with Google's "Let's Put Our City on the Map" program in an effort to grow our community. Fill out this form and let's get you on your way to more traffic!




Website design services in Atlanta GA.   Webstuffguy.com 678-542-4394 Website design services in Atlanta GA.   Webstuffguy.com 678-542-4394 Website design services in Atlanta GA.   Webstuffguy.com 678-542-4394 Website design services in Atlanta GA.   Webstuffguy.com 678-542-4394 Website design services in Atlanta GA.   Webstuffguy.com 678-542-4394 Website design services in Atlanta GA.   Webstuffguy.com 678-542-4394

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