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How Long Will it Take to Finish Your Website?

how long will it take to finish website
How Long Will it Take to Finish Your Website?

You may have your own special reason to launch a new website in a hurry. Perhaps you never got around to it and now you have deadlines looming.  Perhaps your previous website designer did not perform as you expected them to and now you are looking for someone new.  Or perhaps there is no urgency at all.  Perhaps you are just wanting to know simply how long it will take.

Every Atlanta website design firm works differently, so this is an important question to ask.  And it’s a question that we get asked very often.  There are several factors that play into the equation of how long it takes for a company to complete your website.  Some of those include:

  1. How many projects your website designer is currently working on
  2. Are we doing a website redesign or are we starting from scratch?
  3. If you are starting from scratch, are you ready to provide your web designer with all the content and material needed for them to complete the project?
  4. How well your communication will be, or how much you’re willing to get involved

How many projects your website designer is currently working on

If launching your website sooner rather than later is important to you, then it’s important to know how much of a workload your website designer currently has. Now while not all website designers are willing to come forward, it doesn’t hurt to ask anyway. At the very least it will communicate to them that you are needing for them to put a rush on it, which isn’t such a bad thing.  Some website designers may skip you to the front of the line if you offer them a good enough incentive.

Are We doing a Website Redesign or Are We Starting From Scratch?

If we are redesigning your website, then we are not “inventing the wheel.” All your content is already there, and as a website designer, we have a good idea of what you are wanting.  It certainly helps to move things along if a website already exists.  We can pull the content, we can migrate all the imagery, we already know what the navigation menu structure will consist of, and much more. So chances are, if you already have a website running, your website designer should be able to complete your website a lot faster than if you are starting from scratch.  If you are starting from scratch, then read below!

If We Are Starting Your Website From Scratch, Are You Prepared to Help?

In our last article, we discussed all the benefits of working together with your website designer and not leaving it all up to them to make all your decisions. If you are pressed for time to get your new site launched and are starting from scratch, then the best way to move forward is to help your website designer help you.  Provide them for content for every page.  Start with the homepage, as this is usually where we will most likely start. Provide them with content and imagery so they could begin designing.  Remember, as a website designer, our job is to “design” your website. We put it together for you, but we still need you to give us the pieces.  The more involved you are, the faster things will move along. So stay involved, and don’t leave it all up to us.

How Involved Will You Be in Your Project

Which brings us to our final point. Are you easily and readily available should we need to ask you something?  If not, did you appoint someone on your staff to help us move along?  Communication is key to helping get a website completed. The bottom line is we need your input and feedback.  So if you want your website to be completed sooner, get more involved!  Now some website design companies may not need all the communication, especially if you already provided the info mentioned above.  If that is the case, we will let you know that we have everything we need and that we’ll be in touch. That is usually a signal to call off the dogs, and let us do our thing. At the end, you could be assured that the company is working hard on completing your project.