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Don’t Leave it All up to Your Web Designer

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Don't Leave it All up to Your Web Designer

As a business owner, you’ve done everything right up to this point.  Business is picking up, your phones are starting to ring, and now it’s time for a new website, or at least to redesign your existing one.  By now you are used to spreading out the responsibilities and duties in an effort to free up some time for yourself.  Freeing up time for yourself enables you to focus more on managing the business you’ve worked so hard on.

Don't Leave it All up to Your Web Designer

Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Working Together With Your Web Designer

We’ve seen all too often a scenario where the business owner gives us way too much confidence and pretty much just leaves everything up to us. We strongly advise against this. A website represents the face of the company.

A website also serves the purpose of:

  • Giving clients an explanation of your company background
  • Listing all of the services you offer
  • Displaying a portfolio of your work via good photography services
  • Displaying reviews assuming you have a positive reputation management
  • Listing all your social media links assuming you have an active social media management running routinely
  • And much more

We have had instances where the client really doesn’t want to get too involved.  They’ll say things such as “Just do what our competitors are doing” or “Just copy off of their website.”  We even had customers request that we copy the content word for word from another website or to just use their images.  In my honest opinion, I don’t think that people do this to be sneaky or to cheat the system.  I don’t think they are intentionally trying to break the laws. (Yes, that is illegal).  I think it’s more of a case that the client is too busy or maybe even too lazy to get involved.

How Leaving it All up to Your Web Designer Can Backfire on You

Here is how all this lack of communication and giving assumptions that your local website designer will just take care of it all for you. It is with 100% certainty that your web designer will not get it right. Your website designer will not see your vision, does not understand your industry like you thought they would, and ultimately cannot read your mind.  So they will deliver a product that is not worthy of your standards, and ultimately you will reject the work that has been done.  Not a big deal, right?  Wrong!  Your website designer has just spent dozens and dozens of hours driving down the wrong path, only to realize that they will have to start over in some instances.  This will cost you time (Because your project launch will now be pushed back) and money (Because extra work is now needed in order to get it right.) It is for these reasons that you should never assume or give the benefit of the doubt to your website designer.

Working Together With Your Website Designer Will Save You Time and Money

So make it a priority to take a little time out and go over things with your website designer. Ask them how’s everything going, get more involved so that the two of you are on the same page. As an Atlanta website design company, we can attest that the more involved you are, the faster we will complete the project and we will do it the right way, because you have been involved along the way. And if you’re too busy- we understand.  Perhaps you could find a staff member or an employee who can be the communicator between the two parties (You and your website designer).  This person can help answer a lot of our questions and save you the hassle of constantly having to ask you questions. Make sure that it’s someone very familiar with your company and who’s not as busy as you are.  You could be sure to have the website of your dreams!