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We are a small website design company who are invested in our clients.

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We are the professionals.

What makes the Webstuffguy.com

No support tickets here. Our clients enjoy the spoils of immediate responses whenever they have an issue or a burning question.

Our team members are specialists in their positions and we have hand-picked the best team out there!

You'll never feel like a customer # with us. We are always a phone call, email or even a text message away!

We assure you that we will always deliver your website on time with zero delays so that you know that you are our top priority.

About Us

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  • The Best Part:

    The best part about our job is the ability to come across people from all walks of life, all with one thing in common:

    No matter what race, creed, religion, or belief, our clients all have one thing in common: The ability to use their given skills to help someone achieve a goal.

    Whether you build houses, run a daycare center, own a law firm, or if you’re a realtor, webstuffguy.com wants to help you grow your business.

  • We Understand

    You’ve worked very hard to get to where you are today.  Today you are taking a huge step into becoming and running a business on your own.  All the skills you’ve acquired, however, did not prepare you for this side of the business.
    We understand how hard it is cater to your clients while trying to run your business.

    At Webstuffguy.com, we want to alleviate that stress. Allow us to manage your online presence through many of the services we offer.

    Although you may think of us as an Atlanta website design company, we offer so much more.  You don’t even have to be a starting business.  Perhaps you are not happy with the results your website has been producing over the years.  Let us evaluate your presence and recommend the best options for you.

    “Your goals should be out of reach, but never out of sight” – Felicity Luckey

  • Our Vision

    We want to help business owners grow online while they focus on what got them there, to begin with. We want to be that team member for every company whose only purpose is to handle their online presence.

  • Our Value Statement

    Our priority is to always be honest with our clients. When something is too good to be true, we let them know it. We will never take advantage of a client’s lack of knowledge when it comes to creating a website, or bringing in more traffic to their website. We believe that you reap what you sow. For that reason, we always try to look at things from the perspective of the client, and not from our own.

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Frequently Asked Question

What is a website design?

Website design is the action of creatively and efficiently building a website. It’s a very loose term that encompasses the work a person or agency conducts to create a website that’s fully functional. Some may refer to this as ‘website development,’ but the difference is that a website designer will add flare and design to make the website not only visually appealing, but to create a positive user experience. In 2019, website design means to create something that is ‘responsive.’ In other words, it’s interactive to the user no matter what device they are using to visit the website.

What is a responsive website?

A responsive website is a website that is user friendly not only from a desktop computer, but from a laptop, a tablet and a cellular phone as well. A responsive website hast to be functional no matter what device or screen size the viewer is using to see the website

How much does a website cost?

The price for an average website (Less than 10 pages) averages around $1500 while other companies start at around $3000 and even more. But there are many other factors involved, so almost every project is unique from each other.

Are there any hidden fees that I should know about?

Every website needs a domain (www.yourwebsite.com) and hosting. These are 3rd party costs which do not go in our pockets. That being said, we set it all up for you and that’s already included in the pricing.

I already have a website and I just need a redesign. Will it be cheaper since we have all of the content?

The answer is not really. When building a brand new website, the process is exactly the same- we have all the content we need to build it. Web design is the actual development of the website, and that’s what you’re paying for.

We had poor communication with our last web designer. How can we trust that you will be easy to reach when we need you?

We have over 120 5-star reviews on Google. Please read some of them. Most of them speak about the great communication. We take pride in this. We are always a phone call, an email, or even a text away.

The last guy who worked on our site disappeared on us and is MIA. Are you able to able to access my hosting and domain? Or is it even necessary?

The most important thing is that you have control over your domain name (www.mywebsite.com). So be sure you know how to access that account. We can take it from there.

I have gotten a quote of $500 for a new website. Why is yours so much more expensive?

Most likely because the person or company is just getting on their feet and are trying to drum up business. They may even be using a drag and drop platform such as Wix.com to avoid all the hard work and to make easy money. What they do not have experience in is how to work with the client, how to communicate, how to make special requests, how to be professional, nor how to run a business- Things that will negatively impact your overall experience.

I've received 3 other quotes. Why should I choose you over them?

Our reviews speak for themselves. In fact, we have the most 5-star reviews in all of Atlanta. Still not convinced? We can give you references at any time. We have learned that the most important thing for a client is good communication, and we are the best at it. We are always a phone call, an email, or even a text message away. We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our work. We won’t stop until you’re happy.

I am going to need more services as well, such as a new logo and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Do I need to find another company to help to me with all of that?

Webstuffguy.com is your one-stop-shop for all things internet marketing and design. Have a look at all of our services and you’ll see that there won’t be any reason to hire other companies

I see all these "do it yourself" websites on TV. Why should I go with you instead?

Most of our clients come from people who have used these services and are fed up with them, and need something professional. So they essentially wasted a lot of money doing it over again. While these type of sites seem simple enough for you to build yourself, they are not SEO friendly and are more difficult to help you grow on Google searches. Furthermore, most people are not graphic designers, which is very important for a good look. And finally, most business owners don’t have the time to build and upkeep thier own websites.

Do I have to live in your area in order to work with you?

We currently have some clients who’ve been with us for over 10 years and we still haven’t met face to face. With modern technology such as emails, Google Drive/Dropbox, it’s not necessary to be local. Some people however need to see a human face and a handshake in order to do business. For those instances, we can meet you in person if you’re local.

In short, Atlanta website design is not all we do. We can build you a site no matter where you are.

I'm interested in signing up. What's the process?

Great! We send you an online questionnaire form which will help us get inside your head and realize your goals and expectations. Based on your answers, we finalize a price for you. We require a down payment of half of the total cost for us to get started. We then work on building the template for you. Once that is ready, we present it to you to get your approval on it, and then we continue onto the rest of the website. Once the website is completely finished and ready to go live, we ask for the second half payment right before taking your new website live.

Can I make the changes to the website on my own, once it is completed?

The answer is yes. You will have a backdoor portal where you can make any change you like, and we show you how to do it once the site is complete. Most clients just want to make simple changes, so we focus on those elements first. If you don’t have time to make updates on your own, we offer monthly maintenance plans.

I already have a website but it doesn't get any traffic. Can you optimize my website without having to rebuild it?

Most sites nowadays are built with WordPress. If this is the case for you, then yes, we can optimize the site. If you don’t have a WordPress website, then there are still options. It all just depends on what platform was used to build your website. In a lot of cases, if WordPress was not used to build your site, it’s highly recommended that you convert the site to WordPress, as this has become the default platform for most websites and it’s the most SEO friendly

About Us

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